Willendorf Earrings
Willendorf Earrings

Willendorf Earrings

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We make small batch collections of our unique and custom-made jewelry. Our jewelry is inspired by examining various forms and working with different materials that motivate us. Each pair of earrings is one of kind. Each has their own identity and story to tell.


What does it mean to be a Collector? 

Becoming a wearer of the Jaine Creates Jewelry Collection and making a commitment to: "LOVE YOURSELF FIRST ALWAYS  & DARE TO BE DIFFERENT WHILE BEING YOURSELF OUT LOUD." 



 African Trade Beads , Assorted Beads , Wire , Gold Plated Earhook. 



All jewelry artwork, content created by Jaine Creates are under copyright protection, and are not to be reproduced, edited, distributed (for free or at a cost), or used for commercial purposes without written permission of Jaine Creates, LLC.  

More Jewelry Available at www.jainecreates.com

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