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We will paint your favorite pair of shoes. We believe that originality is key to a successful wardrobe. Our style is VIBRANT + STRATEGIC to ensure you FEEL BRIGHT while you walk.
How It Works 
  1. A deposit of is $50 is required to initiate Service, full amount of service determined by shoe size, complexity, & time spent.
  2. Design Consultation via Email, Phone Call, or Completion of google form.
  3. Shoe Selection: Client will either provide shoe to be painted or Client will purchase shoe. Shoes will be mailed to Jaine Creates by Client for work to be completed. If the client is local, a meetup can be scheduled to retrieve shoes.
  4. Jaine Creates will take 2-3 weeks to complete shoe painting. 
  5. Updates of shoe progress will be sent by email to the client.
  6. Upon completion, Shoes will be photographed and sent to the client for review.
  7. Shoes will be delivered upon receipt of final payment of the purchase. Final payment must be made before shipping.
Acceptable Shoes for Painting 
  1. Canvas Shoes ( ie. Converse Shoes, Keds, Vans, and similar shoes )
  2. Leather/ Faux Leather Shoes
  3. Suede Shoes ( ie. Timberlands ) 
Not sure if your preferred shoe is acceptable?
Send an email to with a photo of the shoes you want to be painted.
Please allow 48 hours for a response to your inquiry.
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  • Custom Hand Painted Shoes - Deposit Only
    Custom Hand Painted Shoes - Deposit Only
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