The Cleanse Pack for Banishing Negativity

Spiritual Tools to Banish Negativity by @huexxviii on instagram.

Hey Hue Family ,

I wanted to share my cleanse pack with you all. I decided to offer my first 20 customers that purchase two or more items, this as a gift. 

I feel it necessary to provide the tools you need to cleanse your energy. It's important to uphold your optimism, creative thinking and good feeling energy. I always find myself grabbing my palo santos to smudge before I create. That moment allows me the opportunity to set intentions before I get started to ensure for a successful studio session. 

I am so excited for you to receive your gift

The tools that come with the pack are below and I wanted to share some benefits with you too.  


🍃 Palo Santos

Clears negative energy and restores tranquility and calm emotions.⁣

🍃 Selenite Crystal

Crystal of higher grounding, absorbs negative energy fields⁣

🍃 Incense Match

Enhance your sense of smell, after you burn of these matches , it will keep burning off its scent , like a regular incense. 

Palo Santos, Incense Match and Selenite Crystal Cleanse Pack by @huexxviii

Once you receive the goods be sure to cleanse yourself and your new jewelry babies. I'd love to see some video clips of you cleansing. Be sure to tag me @huexxviii on your favorite platform. 


Live Authentically, 

Jamie - you can check out my everyday jewelry + visual arts.




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