keep going, things will fall into place

keep going.


There's always something to be said. So why do I find it so difficult to just type the words I want to be heard? They say when you write it’s a form of healing. But how does one get started ? You are told to just write. How exactly do you formulate the words to “just write” I guess it’s supposed to be a natural reaction. I mean, I am on line 6 of this statement. 

I should be writing about the things in my head. When my fingers hit the keyboard, the right words are the farthest from my mind. I end up stuck and writing nothing but meaningless words. Who honestly cares that I don’t know what to write ? These lines of text are pointless. There’s no value. I guess maybe if you also struggle to write what’s in your head. There’s some value there. 

I just want to write my next blog post. Something inspiring and motivating, ya know. 

I am going to go and create now, a spark of inspiration always helps. 


Live Authentically,

Jamie - you can check out my everyday jewelry + visual arts.

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