I'm A Visual Artist & I Married A Musician One Year Ago Today

Hey Hue Family,

Today, August 9, 2020 I have been married to my husband for exactly one year. The time has completely flown by. I remember my wedding day like it was yesterday.
The best part of the experience , BESIDES marrying my husband lol, was bonding and creating lasting memories with all of our friends. They held us down threw all of the craziness surrounding executing a wedding on a budget and my vision to do it as creative as possible.
I am so grateful for the memories, for this love, for friends and family. This past year although some of it was not planned has been great none the less. I have had the time to build a stronger bond with my husband.
So! In the spirit of love and celebration of this joyous occasion, I am going to share my love story with you all. I was able to pull it from my wedding website, thank you to The Knot!
It's quite a read so make sure you are comfortable!

The Night They Met

Jamie and Drew met in 2011 outside of a club (Ibiza and Fur) in Washington DC at 2:00 AM. Jamie was headed home from the night with a friend. While Drew and his friends passed by on their way to go party. It was a brief interaction, but Drew asked for Jamie's number and she reluctantly gave it to him. They parted ways right after.  

Two Months Later and Goodbye

In 2011, Drew was persistent in hanging out with Jamie for the first time. He texted her often and tried to setup some sort of outing with one another.  Jamie wasn't really interested so she blew him off for two months. After while, she gave in and they decided to see a movie one evening. They saw ,Ted. The movie was enjoyable but Jamie's  indifference towards Drew's date night approach, caused the night to end abruptly. Jamie headed home and did not see or speak to Drew for two years. 

The Beginning 

In 2013, Jamie was enrolled at School of Art & Design at Montgomery College and working in Downtown Silver Spring. At the time Drew, also worked in the same area and performed music locally. 
Twitter Effect 
Now Jamie rarely (RARELY) uses her twitter. The time span in which Jamie tweets can be literally years apart. During her lunch break one day, she decided to tweet. While engaging with the app for a full hour, she noticed that Drew was active on Twitter as well. She decided to reach out and invite him to lunch one day. Drew accepted and they met a couple times for lunch during her work break.
4 PM Guaranteed 
After a few lunch dates , since she loves to chat on the phone , she started calling him everyday because he consistently answered. at 4PM. She needed a phone buddy on her drive home from work. She hated how he never agreed with her or could relate to most things she wanted to discuss. 
New York 
Jamie and Drew share one major thing in common, they feel totally fulfilled when traveling. They essentially need to travel - it's a form of self care. Jamie asked Drew if he wanted to go on a random trip to see art in New York. They went for the day together just as friends and had an enjoyable time.
The Regular
Jamie and Drew continued to hang out after New York. The first thing they did was spend a day visiting the museums at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. They then began getting together to hangout at happy hours in DC. Jamie began going with Drew to his various musical gigs. One day they hung out at an event at The Howard Theatre and it was there that Don, Drew's friend, helped him realize that Jamie and Drew should be a couple. It ended up happening that night.
They began their relationship on September 29, 2013. 

Five Years and Counting

Drew proposed to Jamie on February 11, 2018. It was her 26th birthday and she decided to throw a 90s themed art show featuring her vibrant paintings and her one of a kind jewelry. She had asked Drew to perform on his keyboard during the night. Guests were required to dress as if they were in the 90s. 

The Big Day 


We got married on a friday at a Court House in Maryland in the Morning. The court house was small and quaint , the staff there were super nice and energetic for the occasion. We said our vows in front of our immediate family while I friends were on facetime. 


The day of our marriage , my husband, our bridal party and I set up for the party we were having that night to celebrate. I was very big on spending minimal money and being creative as humanly possible so we set up all of the DIY decor we had collected amongst the year of planning. 


We were successful in all our efforts and the night was full of love , laughter and timeless memories. 

The Honey Moon

We set out for Playa Del Carmen, Mexico the next morning. We stayed for five days and four nights. It was an inclusive resort with access to two sister properties and a rooftop pool and bar. We were right off of 5th Avenue, a famous shopping strip in Playa Del Carmen. We enjoyed the easy accessibility to check out local vendor shops , eateries and experiences. 

One Year Later 

We are happy, healthy and still so in love. The story continues...
Isn't love so beautiful , it was unexpected for me but appreciated and cherished all the same. I am making today a marvelous one. I am going to get ready for Drew and I's anniversary date ! 
P.S. You can find my husbands music on all streaming platforms.Just search Drew Keys. He also had a website www.drewkeysmusic.com. Follow him on you social media at @drewkeysmusic

Live Authentically,


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