13 Affirmations for Positive Self Talk

Positive Self Talk Post by @huexxviii on instagram.

Hey Hue Family ,

An Affirmation is a statement made repeatedly in order to help change your subconscious thinking. It’s tool used oftentimes for positive self talk , reassurance, manifestation and guidance.

I typically keep a list of my favorite affirmations in my notes app on my iphone for quick reference. I feel like we all could benefit from a few good affirmations every once in a while.

I compiled a list of my favorite thirteen to spice things up or to give it your first try. 

The affirmations are designed to empower and uplift you. 


  1. I attract success by being my authentic self

  2. I will celebrate my small wins

  3. I eat well and feel awesome

  4. The opinions of others mean nothing to me

  5. I add value to the world

  6. I am an unstoppable badass

  7. Amazing opportunities exist for me in every aspect of my life

  8. I inspire others

  9. I take care of myself - spirit, mind and body

  10. I trust myself and my intuition

  11. Amazing things are happening

  12. I release all fear and welcome change

  13. I have the power to change my story



There you have it ! Using Affirmations is a great practice to develop. In time you will learn just how powerful an AFFIRMATION can be. 

Try out saying these affirmations in the morning before you start the day. Or you can develop your own list . It’s really up to you.

I’d love to know what your favorite affirmation is, what keeps you going ?

My Personal Favorite : " Be Intentional & Keep Living Authentically " - 

Drop yours in the comments.


Live Authentically,


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