We Make Custom Art Items

We started Jaine Creates out of  frustrations with Big Box Stores because we were tired of blending in with everyone else (& We mean EVERYONE!). Wearable Art should be a reflection of your uniqueness -- & Jaine Creates is the epitome of that. We create one of kind artwork and wearable art to brighten up your homes, offices and self. 


I've been rocking my JAINE creates earrings for about two years now. They're still intact and as beautiful as the day I received them. I get compliments every time I wear them because they're so unique and different !!! JAINE is an amazing artist and craftswoman !!!! I'm overdue for another pair. 

Porsha T

With the vibrant and elegant look of Jaine Creates custom items it is guaranteed for somebody to stop, stare and compliment. I love my bracelets! 


I really enjoyed the custom ring Jaine Creates made for me, not only did I think it was cool a lot of people were interested in what I had on. Definitely a conversation starter. 


My day is brightened by the creativity of Jaine Creates artwork that covers two of my office walls. It radiates positive vibes and gets me through my hard or long work days.


Her earrings and paintings are statement pieces. I love, love my earrings and sandals that she painted.

Laurel H.

Jaine's earrings are beautiful & one of a kind! I get compliments anytime I wear her hand-crafted pieces.


Purchased a pair of custom made earrings. They were absolutely amazing and exactly what I wanted. Craftsmanship was on point, of course!

Raven W.

I love my rings from Jaine Creates! They’re super light weight + unique. I always receive compliments when I wear them. Can’t wait to grab some more for me + my loved ones!

Christina Joy

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